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Useful Tips for a practical Shoe Cabinet

Massive shoe collection and wondering how we can still cater a generous shoe cabinet in a small and cramped entry way?

Tip #1: Adjustable shelving.

There are many ways to store your shoes without compromising on the space and aesthetics! We like to make sure to cater to shoes of all sizes long or short, boots and heels to maximize storage with adjustable shelving.

Tip #2: Full Length Mirrors at Entry.

Full length mirrors not only enable you and your guests to check before you leave, it is also a good way to elongate and make the space look more opulent!

Tip #3: "Welcome" Light.

Create a nice spot lighting for that dramatic welcome scene when you step in! Make sure your lights are not pointed or too near the mirrors! It should reflect the ambient lighting and not the light itself.

Tip #4: Ventilation caps.

Do consider ventilation caps to circulate the air inside and eliminate stale odours! You wont want your babies suffocating inside neither would you want anybody to open the door and faint do you?

Tip #5: Sock Drawers

The one that got away? How about a little His and Hers drawer for your socks? keep them organised so you don't go around finding them when you are in a rush! keep them in pairs.


Lights don't mean they can only shine from ceilings!

At CLCK colab, We design with lighting in mind.

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