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Of the wild nature

CLiCK Colab hacked out all existing walls of this 4 rm BTO to fully transform the entire form and circulation of the once awkward and rigid space. Through unique selections of materials and lights, we spruced up this space fully inspired by desert and cave!

Waterfront II, Residential

4rm HDB, Singapore

Photos by CLiCK Colab

Open concept pantry styled cooking kitchen and even included an island bar Infront of a library accented with trim lights.

A Walk through into the canvas with this hidden Sliding door that is designed to mimic a painting! 

Art gallery styled corridor with an artistic ceiling design to engulf the study area!

Click in to see how we curated multiple elements of surprise to this unique master room!

We hacked away a room and converted half of it into a generous walk in closet with ample space!

Big ideas, simple solutions.
Fuss free installations to spice up your bedroom with this fluted panels!

Jack & Jill in the master bedroom to fit more exciting stuff into our HDB toilets!

Try a clever way to incorporate light without a top cabinet! We used an angled slim nano profile light to terminate our unique iron rust backsplash.
Who knew you can still have task lighting even without a top cabinet!

And the other half of it into a study area on the other side. Hacking one wall to give 2 space! we made sure to make full use of even the conventional corridor.

Maximising the constricted little space that BTOs always face👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
P.s we also carefully tucked away ugly Bomb shelters with this huge sliding feature🫣👍🏼

hacked out existing walls of this guestroom to create a tv console that doubles up as storage space at the back of this feature. Now we don’t have to spend extra for a wardrobe carpentry that eats out our space! 

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