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Living room Before & After

Lets face it, houses are getting smaller. How do you maximize storage space, have a generous shoe cabinet, an equally magnificent entertainment space and still have adequate space for a dinning set all in a crammed up small living room space?

How do you save money with minimum ceiling alterations to achieve maximum light quality?

Its not about how many light fittings to make it bright, read on to find out more!

Make a guess, How many lighting points did we add to this ceiling above?

CLCK colab decided to stretch the TV cabinet design straight to the door mashing up both shoe cabinet and Tv Cabinet lined up against the wall on one side with alot of hidden storage space at that!

Linear lighting especially Cove lighting are great ways to accentuate those parallel lines but we know lots of you are super concern with the maintenance of coves.

Well fret not, we use linear light strips flushed with the edges when detailing out the construction drawings for our carpenters! There you have it, little to none maintenance while still achieving that linear cove look!

On the opposite end, we did a settee and top hung cabinet with tea mirrors to reflect and give depth to the space. Just one simple drop pendant with a good glare cut and projected beam angle, it created the best dining experience enhancing the entire living room.

"Light should communicate and resonate with the design, design should accommodate lighting. They go hand in hand for a seamless look."

Lights don't mean they can only shine from ceilings!

At CLCK colab, We design with lighting in mind.


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