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Books over TV

CLCK Colab intentionally created an Infinity mirror effect to this small dining area using mirrors as portals to highlight and engulf the space!

Light layering plays a crucial role in giving the entire space its unique depth and character to this modern elegance with a playful twist.


Dawson, Residential

4rm HDB, Singapore

Project by Cross studios

Designed and managed by

CLiCK Colab

Photos by Colloc

Shout out to Whoever who still chooses books over TV!

SPA & Beauty room for a beautician to work from home!

CLiCK Colab's  Signature nano light entrance to accentuate the entrance using lighting.

careful and meticulous use of sliding door to block out sunlight. stores and reveals all her tools too!

Custom bedhead with attached vanity. We selected 2 different bedhead lights for this couple on each side of the bed.

Reading light on left, Vanity light that rotates on right.

Playful and joyous common bathroom using fragmented marble prints on tiles and a vanity top in exact matching laminated vanity cabinet.

A cottage style kitchen with a twist. CLiCK Co.lab covered the original boring white tiles and cladded the walls with grey stone laminate matched with cream coloured glass backsplash and woods.

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