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Island Console

Breaking from the norm, CLCK Colab strategically set the TV Console right in the center without compromising spatial porosity.

The result is a magnificent showcase of an island TV Console that creates interesting vistas that transformed this 15 year old 4rm HDB into a Modern Contemporary living.

Rivervale, Residential

4rm HDB, Singapore

Photos by CLCK Colab

Swivel TV feature that flips to the back for the family to enjoy their favourite entertainment while having dinner together.

Having to house electrical points and sockets within that top layer might result in a bulky thickness.

Hydraulic Concealed Track sliding door to the kitchen that seamlessly parks perfectly to the side of the shoe cabinet when left open makes for a wholesome and resolved design intention.

Through meticulous considerations and detailing, integrated nano light strips sandwiched in between not only breaks the block but also curated an ambient lighting detail.

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