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Lighting No-nos.

Good spatial planning, nice aesthetics and chic designs might transforms the space but LIGHT creates that magic!

Gone are the days where one big light fits all.

"The brighter the better... White lights make the space look bigger!.." are you sure?

First impression clck colab had when we reached this site? Previous owner's lighting supplier ran out of stocks? lighting showroom is it?

Rule #1.

NEVER have 2 different light temperatures together side by side.

Yes, there are better ways to transit to that warm ambiance for that romantic and cozy atmosphere. You don't need both of them on at the same time contradicting and vying for attention.

If in doubt, We recommend to always go with 3000K. You'll never go wrong with that.


#2, Layers.

No, brighter does not mean better. A good lighting designer knows when to bring out and when to recede to create a layering effect for your space. You don't need to flat out shine a light on everything. Chill, lets balance out the focus for each element don't let them all shout out at once, so rude.


Lights don't mean they can only shine from ceilings!

At CLCK colab, We design with lighting in mind.

For more on what to avoid and look out for before your Reno,

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