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Living care, Wells, Sterra. Which water dispenser to consider?

Water is life. Thinking of integrating a water dispenser to your kitchen design?

Here's what to consider across these recent popular brands before they affect your kitchen design.


Tip #1- Decide. Countertop space or storage space?

Just because it is small on the counter top don't mean it is space saving. Yes, Wells The one is smallest in terms of the on countertop space with its Faucet size measuring Ø88mm X H337mm. It however comes with a W180mm X D480mm X H470mm tank that you are to cater a specific space for at the bottom. You end up having to block out one compartment just for this.

If you are someone who needs a lot of countertop space and willing to sacrifice on the kitchen cabinet storage, Wells The One is the one for you.

Living Care Jewel series and Sterra on the other hand, does not require a separate space for a tank underneath as it is tankless. This means the whole bulk of it will be on the counter. Good thing is that it allows ovens or other appliances to be underneath it leaving more storage space for your kitchen.


Tip #2 - Cold water or Cool water?

No tank also means that it does not store water. Water passes through a cooling coil integrated in the system body almost instantaneously and this is not fast enough to give you ice cold water. This is the reason why Living Care can only dispense at coldest temperature of 7°C.

Temperature wise. Perhaps Sterra is more efficient in terms of cold water at 4°C tankless.

Here's the temperature comparison:

Living Care : 7 settings ranging

7°C- 17°C/ Room Temperature / 45°C - 90°C

Wells : 6 settings at

6°C / 27°C / 36.5°C / 50°C / 70°C / 85°C

Sterra : 4 settings at

4, 25, 40, 87°C


Tip #3 - Alkaline or Not?

Only Living Care offers Alkaline water out of these 3.

Wells and Sterra are both pure and of neutral pH.


Tip #4 - Colours to match my Interior?

Hands down to Living Care on catering a wider range of colours. You will most definitely find one to match that laminate or countertop of yours.

Living Care : 5 main colours

White / Pink / Black /Blue / Mint

Wells : 3 colours

Dark Brown / White / Red

Sterra : 2 colours

Chromium Grey / Platinum White


Don’t Forget to make sure your Interior designer is experienced in the set up!

At CLiCK Co.Lab, we know what is best to cater for the specs of it. We organise, cater and hide respective electrical sockets just for all these different kitchen appliances.

Troublesome leaks and drips, unorganised and messy appliances everywhere due to unplanned or space constraints are the last thing you want.

Speak to us now to know your options for your dream kitchen and home!


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