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Is your old HDB kitchen tiles cracking, popping, dropping?

Noticed your small tiles starting to crack and pop? these small 100x100mm tiles commonly found in old HDB kitchens might be aggravated by tremors from ongoing renovations from your neighbors or accelerated wear offs by recent face-lift projects from government for toilets and lifts.


Very often, the concrete walls are built without bricks and so substrate starts wearing off and it become very weak and start to hollow out. Behind these tiles they slowly shift and crumble causing the surface tiles to lose grip resulting in cracks and pop and eventually dropping.

Below is a video of what might be of your concrete wall after hacking out the tiles:

We are getting a lot of concerned home owners who are affected and hoping for a cheap and practical solution because living in that apartment who would want major works done that will burn your pockets right?

Though the most promising way is to hack down the wall and erect a new one, we understand you would prefer a less drastic measure.

Contact us! Let us solve this for you today.


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