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Know what you are paying for.

Cheaper solutions. Are they really cheap?

Many customers come to us to compare prices. Sometimes they are able to find astonishingly cheap contractors but do you know what you are really paying?

“We may not be the cheapest but we are proud to say we make sure you spent your money wisely.”

Of course there is always a cheaper way of doing things, shortcuts. I do for you now next time i charge you more.. whats the difference? You might end up getting yourself trapped in a deeper hole. It is easy to to lure customers into starting cheap works but once they give deposit, your money go out double as VOs (variation Orders). That is why CLCK colab dont believe in VOs.

We design, confirm design, confirm works, design details, schedule and execute.


A designer house that is aesthetically flamboyant without costing the world.

We find what best materials to substitute without compromising the overall coherent design look.

We are constantly finding the best prices from our contractors so that our designs can eventually get to homeowners. But many times homeowners failed to see that as designers, we are not here to see how we can low the prices can get. Instead, we are here to make sure with that same amount of money, how can we make sure you get the best. We are proud of all our contractors' workmanship and can promise prolonged on site warranty for all our clients.


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