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Dare to Explore.

We are always pushing our carpenters, ceiling guys, all those who worked closely with us.

With both our founders coming strong on lighting backgrounds, we like to integrate and explore mixed mediums to romanticize the spaces through light.

“When there is a will, there is a way. We are not here for cookie cutter designs. Don't tell me it cannot work if you din't even try. Because, Why not?”

Here at CLCK colab, we love experimenting and we treasure our group of contractors who always makes extra effort to try. Many times they complain but they never disappoints!


And you? Do you dare to be different?

We make sure to update our materials library with the latest and upcoming products and materials. It inspires us in our design approach so that we can deliver unique and bespoke designs.


Lights don't mean they can only shine from ceilings!

At CLCK colab, We design with lighting in mind.

For more on what to avoid and look out for before your Reno,

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